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Become a SmartMoves Ambassador and earn cash on the side.

What is the SmartMoves Ambassador Program?

The SmartMoves Ambassador Program allows you to earn a little extra cash on the side. The program is pretty simple; as an Ambassador you will be given a Promo Code that you can provide to your family, friends, and strangers at the grocery store. When someone uses that Promo Code to purchase on smartmovesdesk.com they will receive 5% off on their SmartMoves order, and you will receive a 5% commission on that order. That's it. No high pressure sales pitches. No sales quotas. No obligations. No reason NOT to become a SmartMoves Ambassador.

How do I get paid?

Every 30 business days we calculate your total sales and issue you a commission check. All Ambassadors are 1099 independent contractors. Chat with us for more information.

How do I become a SmartMoves Ambassador?

It's simple, just fill out this form, and we'll get back to you with all the necessary information to set you up with a unique Ambassador Promo Code.

Click Here and Become a SmartMoves Ambassador Today

Powerful Sales Tools

If you choose to become a SmartMoves Ambassador, we’re going to have your back. When you become an Ambassador we’ll give you the tools you’ll need to convince your friends and family exactly why a SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desks can be life changing.

We’ll provide you with graphics to post on your social media accounts, along with marketing copy, and a promo code that will help your inner circle get a discount and will help us track how much commission you’ve earned.

Woman in blue working from home on a SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk