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Over 90 years of innovation, adaptability, and the unending pursuit of perfection.

Howard Miller

The Howard Miller Company, a family-owned operation, officially opened its doors in 1926, but its roots in American manufacturing run even deeper. Founder and namesake Howard Miller learned the furniture manufacturing business from his father, Herman Miller, who in the early 1900s took advantage of the booming furniture industry in West Michigan to start a new company while simultaneously (and successfully) running another. Howard inherited his father’s ambition and business acumen and would draw heavily on both to make his own company a success.

HowardMiller + SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk = 90 Years

Uncomprimising Craftsmanship

Since its beginnings in 1926, the Howard Miller Company grew and thrived thanks to a combination of hard work, good decisions and uncompromising craftsmanship. The formula, still as relevant as ever, is the reason Howard Miller is today one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in the world for home and office furnishings.

Quality Adjustable Height Bases and Desktops

Revered from the start for wall, mantel and its world-renowned floor clocks, Howard Miller’s catalog has grown over time to include a full range of products, from curio cabinets to home storage solutions, fine upholstered furnishings to hospitality wine cabinets, bars and more.

Ultimately, the story of the Howard Miller is one of innovation, adaptability and the unending pursuit of perfection. With an eye always on the future, the company, now in its third generation of leadership, has developed a new product, one that today’s professionals will find indispensable as they pursue perfection in their own careers – the SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk.

Woman standing at SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk

Man standing at SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk

SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desks are Made In America

A response to new medical information showing that sitting for too long can be detrimental to one’s health, the SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desk raises and lowers seamlessly and effortlessly to accommodate both seated and standing positions for working. The desktop is built in the USA of high-quality Thermoshield™ materials and is customizable to meet the needs of any discerning professional. Coupled with SmartMoves metal adjustable base and an array of smart accessories, the SmartMoves desk delivers an ergonomic, productive, working solution for home or office.

SmartMoves Adjustable Height Desks reflect the history and legacy of Howard Miller, a trusted, world-class furniture manufacturer headquartered in the USA for over 90 years.