FREE Thermoshield™ and DesignerPly Surface Color Samples

About SmartMoves Thermoshield™

SmartMoves Thermoshield™ is a beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean, moisture resistant, seamless surface for SmartMoves Desktops, Elevated Shelves, and Dropdown Keyboard Drawers. Thermoshield™ surfaces are applied by experienced craftsmen in the USA at the time of your order, insuring that the soft profiled edges and seamless surfaces fit precisely to the custom product you purchased. 

About SmartMoves DesignerPly

SmartMoves DesignerPly Desktops are also finished with your choice of three high-performing engineered surfaces that deliver a decorative, durable and scratch-resistant surface. 

Choose the right Thermoshield™ or DesignerPly surface prior to ordering your SmartMoves Desk by selecting up to FIVE Thermoshield™ samples FREE!!

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